By Michelle Dennis Christensen

Mirrors of Jesus: Finding Parallels of Christ in Our Lives 

Inspirational Nonfiction

Michelle and Martin needed a miracle, an enormous sacrifice from someone, or he would die.

This wasn’t the first time that Michelle’s plans for life and the Lord’s plans for her life didn’t match. Sometimes she found it hard to trust the Lord’s plans. 

Martin, suffered from an unknown illness that devastated family, finances, and future. An eventual diagnosis of kidney failure came with the promise of a premature death if he didn’t receive a transplant. Though Michelle was terrified of needles, blood, and hospitals, she donated one of her kidneys to save his life.

 This experience paralleled the Savior’s sacrifice in a way that humbled Michelle and Martin and taught them about Jesus Christ’s love. They were continually amazed by this reflection during the agonizing months of dialysis, compatibility testing, surgery, and recovery. This and other similar analogies strengthened Michelle’s understanding of Christ, which increased her trust in Him.

Though Michelle’s story is unique, each of us can find the Savior in our everyday lives. By finding Him, we learn to trust Him more, and we find greater happiness and peace in our individual journeys through life.


Award Winning Author

Michelle Dennis Christensen

I am a kidney donor, award-winning author, speaker, avid family historian, and chocolate lover. I’m passionate about shining a spotlight on the Savior to share His love and light with others. I love the scriptures and any symbolism that teaches about Jesus Christ. I believe that Gospel Doctrine teacher is the best calling ever, and I like to share gospel principles in an approachable, applicable manner.

I’m excited to share this book and how the experiences of transplant brought me, my husband, and our whole family closer to the Lord.

Praise for Mirrors of Jesus


Both timely (given the chaos in the world) and timeless (no matter whether you come to mortality in a peaceful season or a storm, we all need our Savior to help us live with hope, grace, and courage).

Heidi Brockbank

Eschler Editing

Praiseworthy Award: Emerging Author

Awarded October 2021

This was very beautiful and had me in tears many times.  I had been looking for something to help me really feel the Spirit this Easter and this was exactly what I needed.

Kim Dennis

Junior High School Teacher